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Our simple, visual prompt-framing builder is designed with non-technical users in mind.

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Create AI-powered apps

Our simple, visual prompt-framing builder is designed with non-technical users in mind.

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What is a credit?

1 credit equals 1 prompt run. Every time you push the “submit” or “test” button to run your tool, you use one credit. If you embed a tool on your website, every time anyone uses the embedded tool, it uses one of your credits. Learn more.

Can I get more credits?

You can buy more credits and you can upgrade to gold for 1,000 credits. If you’re using over 1,000 credits a month, we encourage you to use your own OpenAI API key. It’s cheaper than getting credits from us and is near unlimited. You can read our blog post about getting your own API key here.

How do I embed a Pickaxe on my website?

After you’ve created a Pickaxe, visit it on your dashboard and click the “embed” button. You’ll be able to customize the sizing and design. When you’re done customizing it, you can copy the embed link and paste it into your website. You can embed Pickaxes on Wix, Squarespace, Webflow, Notion, Kajabi, Wordpress, and any website that supports embeds. You can read our step-by-step guide on embedding pickaxes here.

When people use my Pickaxe, are they using my credits?

Whenever a Pickaxe is used on the pickaxeproject domain, it counts against the user’s credits. Whenever an embedded Pickaxe is used on a different domain, it counts against the owner’s credits.

Can I monetize my Pickaxes?

You cannot natively monetize Pickaxes, but many users build profitable businesses with pickaxes by placing them on their website behind paywalls. Users love monetizing through platforms like Kajabi or Memberspace. To learn more, read our blog post here!

Is there an affiliate program?

Yes, Pickaxe offers an affiliate program. You can learn more by emailing us at

How do I improve my Pickaxe?

You can improve your Pickaxe through prompt design! You can learn more about writing good prompts by reading our guide to basic prompt design tips.

What is the enterprise tier?

Our enterprise tier is for individuals or organizations running large volume businesses with their Pickaxes who need more speed, security, performance, and features. Enterprise clients get a private cloned instance of the Pickaxe website with added functionality like spreadsheet integrations, advanced white-labeling, custom templates, and more. Learn more here.