Our mission

Our mission is to arm creatives and entrepreneurs for the new era of human-to-AI workflows.

We help small business owners personalize AI models with their own data, their own preferences, their own creative spark.


Fully customizable embeds
Change fonts, colors, form-fields, and icons in your embeds
A/B Testing Prompts
Late May
A more sophisticated prompt builder that allows you to create and test multiple versions of a prompt.

Founding team

Nathanial Mahowald, CEO
Nathaniel started Pickaxe after leaving his position at ARK as a Research Associate for ARK’s Autonomous Technology and Robotics strategy. Prior to ARK, Nathaniel was the lead data scientist at Sivo, a debt-as-a-service fintech. In his free time, he runs, rock climbs, works on short films, and makes slow improvements to his converted Sprinter van.
Mike Gioia, COO
Mike was a wastoid. Now he's a virtuoso polymath. Through a 'radical and open-minded surrender to AI', Mike became a painter, consultant, therapist, lawyer, real estate agent, graphic designer, and several other things. Through intuitive HCI, he's paving the infrastructure for mass adoption of AI as a consumer tool. He loves the rain.
Ian Eck, CDO
Ian is a designer, writer, and film-maker who now calls himself a “prompt engineer.” He wants to convince the rest of the world's dilettantes they can be prompt engineers too. Maybe in the future we won't call them prompt engineers but instead use words like "explorer," "player," or "artist."


Tyler Cowen
Economist, Investor, Founder of the blog Marginal Revolution
Cathie Wood
Founder and CEO of Ark Invest
Eliam Medina
Founder and CEO of Willing