Create your own A.I. Studio

Launch an AI studio for others to use with your tools, your brand, and your unique knowledge.

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Create your own A.I. Studio

Launch an AI studio for others to use with your tools, your brand, and your unique knowledge.

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Put knowledge to work

with A.I. Studios

Launch a suite of GPTs with your expertise, your brand, your data—your rules.

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Expand your brand

with A.I. storefronts

Create AI-powered tools and start earning through paid subscriptions. No-code and easy to start.

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Sell access to your


Sell access to your

Launch a storefront with your GPTs, your brand, and your unique knowledge

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Create your own AI app, no code, in minutes. Try it out!

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Train AI on your own expertise

Use your own documents, data, and directions to make AI work for you

Build a Pickaxe

AI designed by you

Launch an AI studio for others to use with your tools, your brand, and your unique knowledge


Monetize your expertise

Set prices, usage, accounts, & more

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See how users interact with your AI

Launch an AI studio for others to use with your tools, your brand, and your unique knowledge

Templates to get started

Use our templates as jumping off points, or create your own to share with friends and colleagues
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Embed AI anywhere and everywhere you need

Create AI tooling around your personal brand
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What is a credit?

1 credit equals 1 prompt run. Every time you push the “submit” or “test” button to run your tool, you use one credit. If you embed a tool on your website, every time anyone uses the embedded tool, it uses one of your credits. Learn more.

How do I embed a Pickaxe on my website?

After you’ve created a Pickaxe, visit it on your dashboard and click the “embed” button. You’ll be able to customize the sizing and design. When you’re done customizing it, you can copy the embed link and paste it into your website. You can embed Pickaxes on Wix, Squarespace, Webflow, Notion, Kajabi, Wordpress, and any website that supports iframes! Read our step-by-step guide on embedding for more info.

How do I monetize my tools?

You can monetize your tools through subscription fees. When you put your tools into a Studio, you can do a simple integration with Stripe. For a simple walkthrough of how to set up monetization, read this brief guide.

Can I get more credits?

You can buy more credits and you can upgrade to gold for 1,000 credits here. If you’re using over 1,000 credits a month, we encourage you to use your own OpenAI API key. It’s cheaper than getting credits from us and is near unlimited. You can read our blog post about getting your own API key here.

When people use my tool are they using my credits?

Whenever an embedded Pickaxe is used or a Pickaxe is used in a Studio, the uses counts against the owner’s credits. If tons of people are using your tool, we suggest you add your own API key for near-unlimited usage.

Is Pickaxe Studio Free?

Pickaxe Studio is free to start. You’ll be able to create tools, launch them as a Studio, and even set up monetization. For more advanced features, you’ll want to sign up for our Gold tier.

Can I host my Studio at a custom domain?

Yes, you can host your Studio at a custom domain.

Can I train my tools on documents?

Yes, you can put documents into your tools by simply uploading them in the builder. For more information on how to make good document based chatbots, check out our guide here.

Can I control who signs up for my Studio?

Yes. You can make your Studio either Public or Invite-Only. In Invite-Only Studios only approved email addresses can gain access.

How do I make my tools better?

You can improve your Pickaxe through prompt design! You can learn more about writing good prompts by reading our guide to basic prompt design tips. If you need help, you can also post questions on our community forum. The Pickaxe team regularly answers questions there as well as our community of users!

How many Studios can I create?

Free users can make 1 studio. Gold customers can make up to 12.

Is there an affiliate program?

Yes, Pickaxe offers an affiliate program. You can find out more about it here.

Are there integrations?

There are currently no integrations. If you are interested in a specific integration or feature, please post on our community forum.