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Bespoke AI pipelines that produce uniquely tailored, high-quality outputs for every stage of the screenwriting process.

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There are a lot of misconceptions about “AI screenwriting”. If you’re hoping (or worried) AI will write finished scripts, you’re missing the point. AI augments writers, not replaces them. Pickaxe specializes in creating highly customized AI tools to speed up ideation, writing, and re-writing. Circumvent writers block.
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Structure templates

Train models on specific story structures
Get outputs that fit strict guidelines down to the level of beats
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Style extraction

Absorb tone and voice from material
Train models to produce tone-specific, genre-specific, you-specific outputs
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Script synthesis

Synthesize scripts into simple beats or coverage
Break down scripts into key elements

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Upload any script and our tool will break down the logline, synopsis, characters, and themes
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